Hablemos, escritoras.

34th Street, and other poems

Carlota Caulfield · Ediciones El Gato Tuerto · 1987 · 52 pp


Born in Havana, Carlota Caulfield is the author of nine collections of poetry in Spanish and English, among them, 34th Street and other poems (1987), A las puertas del papel con amoroso fuego / At the Paper Gates with Burning Desire (1996 & 2001), The Book of Giulio Camillo (a model for a theater of memory) (2003), Movimientos metálicos para juguetes abandonados (2003), Quincunce/Quincunx (2004), Ticket to Ride: Essays & Poems (2005) and A Mapmaker’s Diary: Selected Poems (White Pine Press, 2007). She is the editor of From the Forbidden Garden: Letters from Alejandra Pizarnik to Antonio Beneyto (2003), Alejandra Pizarnik, Dos Letras (2003), Voces Viajeras: Poetisas cubanas de hoy (2002), The Other Poetry of Barcelona: Spanish and Spanish-American Women Poets (2004), and No soy tu musa: Antología de poetas irlandesas contemporáneas (2008).